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Day Labor Center is grateful to our generous supporters:

Taproot Foundation

San Francisco Foundation

City of Hayward

County of Alameda

Zellerbach Family Foundation

California Wellness Foundation

Y & H Soda Foundation

Firedoll Foundation

Kaiser Permanente


Gabriel Hernandez - Executive Director

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Carla Dardon - Site Director

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America Enciso - Job Developer / Legal Advocate Organizer

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In 2006, the South Hayward Parish (SHP), a community non-profit agency, performed outreach to day labor workers soliciting work along the Tennyson Road corridor of South Hayward. The SHP learned that these young workers, (90% between the ages of 14 and 30) largely from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico were forced north when globalization of the economy made it difficult for them to earn a living in their native communities. Most of the men are limited English speakers. For many of Mayan ancestry, Spanish is a second language; they speak one of several dialects native to their community of origin. About one third of the workers has never been to school and is not literate in any language.

The City of Hayward provided initial funds and the current site (rent-free for the first year) on Tennyson Road to establish a day labor center. In addition to the City funds, the South Hayward Parish was able to secure letters of commitment from a number of partner agencies for in-kind services. 

In June 2007, the DLC opened its door to provide a place for conscientious employers and highly motivated workers to transact their agreements to work together. The men and women that work out of the DLC run the programs, and generally are amazing people who deserve respect and support. We have a list of over 500 workers with various skills for most types of work. We offer: Yard work, Carpentry, Painting, Moving/Hauling, Landscaping, Housekeeping, Construction, Excavation, Demolition, Job Site Set-up/ Breakdown, DJs, Clowns, Musicians and much more.

In April 2011, the DLC applied to, and was accepted by, Community Initiatives, based in San Francisco, to become the fiscal sponsor. DLC needed a fiscal sponsor with the capacity to handle a growing staff; an expanding area of service (Pleasanton and Oakland areas) and, to provide staff health and other fringe benefits.

Over the years, we have also registered and helped find employment for Katrina victims (aftermath of the hurricane), union construction workers (after the economy and construction industry crashed), and NUMMI workers (after the closure of the plant in Fremont).


The mission of the Day Labor Center is to enable low-income, predominantly migrant workers in the East Bay Area, reach self-sufficiency through employment and community integration programs.